Long Sleeve - Tamariki Whio
Long Sleeve - Tamariki Whio

Long Sleeve - Tamariki Whio

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Takurua or Hine Takurua (winter maiden) is known as Sirius in western/Greek astronomy, and can be found in the Canis Majoris star cluster. Hine Takurua is one of the two wives of Tamanuiterā, the other being Hine Raumati (summer maiden). Takurua is also considered as a star that marks the time of winter for many Māori in Aotearoa.

Here's a kīwaha (colloquial saying) that you can use to express how cold it is during winter:

Te anu o Takurua - The chill of Sirius.

If you're looking for new winter wear, summer wear, active wear, sleep wear, casual wear, formal wear - literally any wear; then look no further!
Wrap up so you're snug as a bug in this rugged, quietly sophisticated piece of attire.

Features include:
225gsm fleece jersey in navy or charcoal

Elastic cuffs
TAIAO embroidered on left chest, TAIAO logo on back