Tiaki Taiao | Our commitment to the Environment

Ko au taku Taiao – I am my environment

The whānau (family) of Taiao are committed to making our kākahu (clothes) more sustainable in several ways. Not only are we designing kākahu that are Taiao friendly, but we are also looking at using recycled, biodegradable, and compostable courier bags along with better shipping methods.

Kākahu: We currently provide kākahu that are made from recycled clothing materials; a large portion of that being polyester. In our venture to become more Taiao friendly, we have set a goal to have a large percentage of our kākahu made from Aotearoa wool and cotton in 2023. Research shows that these materials may not be as durable, but they are a lot more environmentally sustainable.

Packaging: The team at Taiao have specially made bags for our kākahu that are both biodegradable and compostable - which we believe is a huge step in the right direction. Our courier bags are also made from 80% recycled materials, with the goal of moving to 99% by 2024.

Shipping: We have teamed up with several apparel outfits who share the same shipping containers with us, rather than using a single container for substantial orders. The vision is to eliminate unnecessary gas discharge and pollution during the freight process.

Our Plea: Please be patient with us as we move towards providing you with a service that incorporates a holistic approach to caring for our Taiao.