Oilskin Vest
Oilskin Vest
Oilskin Vest
Oilskin Vest
Oilskin Vest

Oilskin Vest

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Kiri Mamaku - Kiri meaning skin and Mamaku takes its name from the native Black Tree Fern frond. There is a story that during the separation of Ranginui (sky father) and Papatūānuku (Earth mother), Tāwhirimātea (god of the winds) sought revenge on his siblings and set out to punish them. On his quest, he went after Tūmatauenga (god of humanity and war) who had taken shelter in the Mamaku frond and could not be found by Tāwhirimātea. 

The Mamaku when cut open holds the face shape of Tūmatauenga and is also edible, either raw, boiled or steamed.  Some say that the Mamaku also increases focus, strength, agility, endurance and muscle growth - all of which are traits of Tūmatauenga.

No matter how gory the hunt may be, no matter how much kūtai/mussel juice drips from your māngai/mouth, may this kākahu be with you every step of the way. Don't be that person with the cleanest, freshest smelling vest - let your vest speak (and quietly reek) of your valor and many adventures!

Features include:
External water resistant lining.
Oilskin vest with fleece lining in black.
Fleece lined collar.
Full two way front zip.
Double button down left and right chest pocket.
Deep waist pockets with zipper.
Extra long tail.
Red TAIAO embroidered on chest pocket, red TAIAO logo on back.